First of all, I’d like to say how grateful I am.

Grateful to have a mum when I know so many have to live without theirs from a certain point in their lives. She’s done so much for me and been my rock whenever I have needed her. 

Celebrating my own mum is quite simple – She is kind and generous, open and supportive. She has always been there for me and I probably don’t express this gratitude enough. I grew up with the best role model to learn from and it is all these qualities she has that I wanted to make sure I passed on to my own children when the time came. 

Having my own daughters really changed the way I viewed life as a whole. All of a sudden the world seemed different. Bigger, less safe and much harsher. I became much more aware of my own mortality as well as feeling a love so pure and strong that nobody or nothing could ever come between it. 

Being a mother myself meant I became a protector. A provider. A love so strong but at times you even question if you are up to the job of caring for them in the way in which you want to be able too. 

The physical demands of looking after a newborn and then a small child was challenging and exhausting. With my eldest I started a new job soon after. Wanting the freedom of a working life and balancing that with becoming a mother was hard at times. I took the job with my Mum’s backing and she helped a lot to enable me to do this. 

Then you have the emotional side of looking after your child. Each decision I had to make needed to be thought about, then it was worried about and then I felt guilty about. There were many times I would think about how I could of made different choices and then struggled with all the rights and wrongs of bringing up a child.

When I look back now, with two beautiful daughters in my life, I really don’t know where the time has gone. As they grow each day it is like watching your heart grow legs, then totter off, with each day becoming more independent then the next. 

Both my girls are so different but this is something that makes them them. They are both strong and clever in their own ways. They are growing up to have a good head on their shoulders and the most fantastically dry and cutting sense of humour. 

They make me proud in everything they do – We have shared so many experiences and moments and so many happy memories have been made over the years. They are the best things that have every happened and my heart fills with pride when I see they growing into such wonderful young woman. 

They have always grown up with strong woman around them, many of whom I have learnt from and I am very thankful too for their love and support. 

So this Mother’s day, whether you have your Mother still by your side or not take a moment to remember how important they are to you and all the things that they have taught you, to make you the person you are today.

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