What does a photographer do when they have a crazy idea? Much to their excitement, they carry it out! 

Being that crazy Photographer with an idea and a vision, I have spent the last few weeks bringing my little project to life.

A few months ago I started to plan what would undoubtably be the most fun I have had in my studio since I officially opened nearly 3 years ago this month!

With a trusty hammer, nails, some wood and a willing husband to help, we set to work on the first stage of the project. 

Stage two was planned for the following week where I would need 9 newborn babies to complete my vision....EXCITING!


Stage 2..

I am so pleased to announce that my                  final image is nearly ready to show!

Keep updated on my social media platforms in the coming days to see how it all came together on the day!

Much love

Coralie K x